Bestest Commandments Ever!

So, since I still would like to form a new religion, because, well, the current ones are kinda outdated and I personally agree with none of them, I am sporadically thinking about what this religion could or should look like. Even though this might not be the most important thing to all people, I do think that an actual set of believes not only helps but is rather vital for the evolution of an individual and/or group. If you believe in literally nothing, where can you truly end but nowhere?

It’s always important to have a tool in your mind if you feel lost, overwhelmed, hopeless, depressed, or just don’t know how to proceed/succeed in life, and that’s what a religion should be in my opinion. So I hope that you realize that I am not interested in forming a sect or a money making machine, but an institution where you can celebrate your beliefs, life, love, wisdom, share experiences, meet like-minded people and where the people give each other hope and support. Even though I love talking about the Universe, God, Humanity and all that, I am not aiming to form a religion where everyone follows my example and within which I solely preach something to someone. But a Religion, or rather the beliefs of a person, are supposed to be giving guidelines in life to avoid doing what is wrong; a frame of mind within which to explore life and evolve yourself into an ever better version. So a set of rules everyone can agree to and with is crucial in an organized group like a religion. Furthermore, groups can only form if the participating individuals believe in the same thing or at least have likewise beliefs, so if you don’t know what I believe in or what my morals are, there is no reason in forming a religion with me – I guess?

Anyways, I have been thinking and writing down for myself numerous versions of such guidelines to follow in life at all times, since, yeah, I really would like to have a real alternative what exists currently, and even though “my” commandments might not be complete, I think I have summed up what, in my mind, is important in life quite comprehensible. Of course, these rules are not set in stone, there are no punishments if you break them (since I do not believe in anything after death but rather choose to believe that we can live eternally), and exemptions can and should be made in certain cases. The fact that I have made ten commandments is rather coincidental; I have also created versions where I came up with like 50 rules and counting, but I do think that the less (detailed) rules, the more clearly they are. Feel free to comment on them and/or tell me how insane you think I am 😀


  1. Do not intentionally harm, damage or lie to yourself, other beings or things if not absolutely vital to your or our survival.
  2. Love as much as you can, but only hate as much as you have to.
  3. Posses as much as you want, but as little of it as needed, and always focus on acquiring immaterial wealth like emotions, experiences, wisdom, relationships, skill, ….
  4. A living being can not ever be personal possession.
  5. First comes you, then comes the rest, yet never forget that you are the nemesis in your life whom you have to outwit every single day.
  6. Use your mind as much as possible, but never lose touch to the real world, and learn how and when to trust yourself/your emotions.
  7. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes that can be fixed afterwards, and don’t be afraid of fixing mistakes.
  8. Never stop to learn and grow, but not at the the expense of your soul or that of others.
  9. Live now, not in any other time. 
  10. Challenge everything.